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Scary Monsters: Cats and Dogs Together
1996 to 2005

We have thousands of pet photos. No, really. Thousands.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I started going through our entire photo collection for these new Scary Monster web pages and could only find a small handful of usable pictures of cats and dogs together. This despite a bazillion pet pics on my hard drive. And despite the fact that the "overlap" period, when I had both dogs and cats, lasted almost ten years.

There are a couple of reasons for this lack of photographic evidence of dog-and-cat cohabitation. First, for the first half of that overlap period, I had only one dog: Polly. The cats would congregate on a bed where Polly, a miniature dachshund, was unable to jump up and join them. Polly and the cats got along well together and sometimes they would snuggle together on the couch. But never when I had a camera within reach.

The second reason is that several of the later dogs in the overlap period did not get along so well with the cats. Pookie never really liked the cats for some reason, and Bailey seemed to think the cats were some sort of self-propelled dog toy. When Hanna and I started to date and her puppy Tansy took a disliking to the two remaining cats, we decided to find a new home for the felines. We took Panzer and Xena to one of Hanna's relatives' farms and set them loose in a barn. They apparently didn't care for that barn, so one cat went to live in a different barn and the other cat went to live with a nearby family.

That said, here are the photos proving that, long ago, I did indeed own both cats and dogs. At the same time.

Here's Kinten, who was a couple of years old at the time, meeting Polly, the new puppy, for the first time. This would have been in the summer of 1996. Polly was the first dog in a house full of cats. You can't quite tell from this picture, but Kinten had a "What is this strange mosquito-like creature?" look on her face. Polly always made a series of odd "schnorking" sounds when she was happy, sounds that none of my other dachshunds ever made. I always wondered if she was trying to purr.

This photo, from late 2002, features three of my (then) four dogs and one of my (then) four cats. On the seat of the couch, from left to right, are Polly, Bailey, and Brandle. That's Panzer on top of the couch.

Probably taken about the same time as the last photo, here are Panzer and Brandle on the steps. Brandle, being smaller and easier-going, got along well with the cats. Bailey thought the cats should be chased, or at least barked at, as often as possible.

Finally, from 2004, here are Brandle, Xena, and Panzer together. These two remaining cats lived outside during the warm months during their last two years with me, so this is one of the last photos taken of my cats.

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