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Scary Monsters
Old Friends: The Dogs
Page 1: 2000 to 2006

Polly (on the left) and Pookie were the original Old Friends. When Pookie, a rescue dog, came to live with me in January 2000, he instantly bonded with Polly, then about 4 years old. Both red shorthair dachshunds, about the same size and shape, the two bonded instantly. Polly and Pookie shared many adventures, shared many naps, and grew old together. This photo was taken in November 2002. Those are rawhide chew toys scattered in front of them. The dogs all loved those things.

Polly (on the left) and Bailey in December 2002, a few weeks after Brandle and Bailey came to live with me.
Sorting through the thousands of pet photos we have to pick out shots for these photo galleries, I noticed how many of these pictures feature that same sofa and loveseat set seen here. The set was fairly new when this picture was taken. As of this writing (June 2013) Hanna and I still have the sofa and loveseat, but they're pretty worn by now. We figured we'd think about getting new furniture once the new puppies grow out of their "Destructo-Pup" stage.

Bailey (on the left) and Brandle watching the front door, January 2003. Bailey and Brandle were also rescue dogs, and the closest of Old Friends when they came to live with me in November 2002.

Pookie (top) and Brandle, January 2003. This was in my house in New Jersey, just before I moved back to Pennsylvania. The dogs didn't seem to mind the move and really enjoyed the new house, surrounded by woods and lots of room to play.

The four dogs hanging out in the office of the new house, October 2003. I spent most of my first 18 months in Pennsylvania writing my first book, slaving away for hours at my desk while the four dogs napped on cushions and rugs on the floor. Pookie apparently got to the meeting late and had to sit on a cushion by himself. A few years later, when Hanna and I married, we started keeping a chair right where Pookie's cushion is in this photo, and that chair became Pookie's spot. As long as I was sitting at my desk, that's where he most wanted to be, right up until he passed away in April 2013.

Basking in the sun was, and still is, a popular activity here at Cactus Flats. This picture is from October 2003. That's Brandle above, Bailey on the left, Polly in the middle, and Pookie on the right.

Often I'd find the dogs had arranged themselves in interesting patterns, usually when I didn't have a camera within reach. Of course, by the time I got back from rummaging around for a camera the dogs had wandered off. Once in a while I'd get a great photo like this one from December 2003. Finding all four dogs this close together was rare enough, but this near-perfect "hinders together in the center" star formation happened only once that I know of.

Sometimes I would place all four dogs together to try to get a good photo, but that usually didn't work out well. One or another of them would get nervous that something scary was going on and try to wander off. In this shot from February 2004, from left to right: Pookie, Brandle, Bailey, and Polly.

Most of the photos turned out more like this one from March 2004: three dogs together in perfect formation, with the fourth, usually Pookie, off slightly to the side. Poor Pook, often left out of the group cuddle. I think it was because he was usually more concerned with what I was up to.

This is one of my all-time favourite pet pictures. The four dachshunds sunning themselves on the balcony in July 2004.

Three clowns posing on the doorstep between the library and the dining room: Polly on the left, Brandle in the center, and Bailey. From April 2006.

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