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Scary Monsters
Old Friends: The Dogs
Page 2: 2005 to 2009

Tansy, Hanna's puppy, initially didn't quite fit in with my pack of four dachshunds. Even as a puppy Tansy was more than twice the size of any of the dachshunds. The doxies didn't know what to make of her at first. After a bit they worked things out though. Here Bailey (on the left) and Tansy are playing together near the house in August 2005.

In the summer of 2005 I bought a grill. Hanna would bring Tansy over and we'd have a barbecue. The dogs soon figured out that this was a good thing. Here Polly (on the left) and Tansy are quite interested in the food preparation activities in September 2005.

As soon as the weather gets chilly the dogs start cuddling up together. From left to right, here are Bailey, Brandle, and Tansy. Other photos in this series show Polly and Pookie on blankets just off to the right, but the other photos aren't as clear as this one. From December 2005.

"The girls" sunning themselves by the balcony window in March 2006.

A rare shot of all four dogs together, although Brandle is trying to jump off the couch. This photo was taken in May 2006, a few days after Bailey passed away and a few days before our wedding.

Tansy and Polly sitting in the yard watching the world go by. From August 2006.

Group snooze: Brandle in front, Pookie in the middle, Polly in back.

Another rare shot of all four dogs together, this time sunning themselves on the balcony in May 2007.

After we were married we rearranged our home office so that one chair is next to my desk for Pookie, and another chair is next to Hanna's desk for Polly. Brandle usually shared Polly's chair. Here all three of them are bundled up together in November 2007.

The short-hair dogs all love to be wrapped in blankets or old towels whenever it's cold. Even Brandle, who has much longer fur, likes to be bundled up unless it's really hot. This one is from February 2008.

Brandle and Tansy in October 2008, watching the back yard from the edge of the balcony.

Three dogs in a basket and one on the floor in January 2009. You can barely see Polly peeking out from under the blanket, between Pookie and Brandle. Tansy would like to curl up in the basket with the smaller dogs but of course she wouldn't fit.
Sometime around 2008 or 2009 Hanna and I discovered that laundry baskets were perfect for keeping the small dogs in. A laundry basket full of dog blankets keeps them warm and, for the most part, out of trouble. They can still jump out if they really want to but they tend to stay put, especially if the basket is placed up on a chair. As the dogs get older and need to be carried around most of the time, the laundry baskets work well for transportation purposes.

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