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Scary Monsters
Old Friends: The Dogs
Page 3: 2008 to 2013

When you're a tired old dog, nothing's better than a nice nap with a friend. Here are Pookie (on the left) and Brandle in September 2008.

Polly (in the back) and Brandle in a laundry basket in January 2009. That was Polly's favourite froggy blanket.

This was the first photo I ran across that made me think of the "Old Friends" theme for these photo galleries. Polly (on the left) and Pookie are snuggling together in January 2010. I saw that photo and I thought, "Wow, they look like old friends." Which they were.

Taken a few minutes after the last photo, Brandle has joined the group.

Brandle and Polly snoozing together in their chair in October 2010. Polly lived for two more years but she already seemed old. Polly had gotten really sick in 2008 and never completely recovered. She was often cold so she shows up in a lot of these photos wrapped in an old towel or blanket. This purple-and-black zig-zag blanket is one of many Hanna knitted for the dogs.

Two old "chair buddies", Brandle and Polly in March 2012.

A few weeks after Polly passed away, Hanna and I got two new puppies. Here are the new "Old Friends", Maus (on top) and Puma in October 2012.

Puma (on the left) and Maus (center) napping with old Pookie. The two pups loved Pookie, and he didn't seem to mind them as long as they weren't being too rambunctious. I think he liked having them around. This photo was taken in October 2012.

Maus and Puma tucked in together in October 2012.

Brandle, Puma, and Maus napping in November 2012. The pups don't nap nearly as much as the older dogs.

Brandle keeping Pookie company in his chair in March 2013, a few days before he passed away. He had been mostly blind for the past couple of years, but I think he recognized his Old Friend Brandle and was happy to have her near. He slept most of the time but I could tell when he was happy.

Another shot of Maus (on the left) and Puma napping together, this time in May 2013. We have lots of good photos of these two sleeping, but most of the "action" shots of them running around or wrestling are blurry. When they're moving, they move too fast for us to be able to get good photos of them. That blue blanket on the right is another one of Hanna's knitted creations.

The crew at bedtime, May 2013. Tansy at the top, Maus, Puma, and Brandle.

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