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Scary Monsters: Dave and Hanna's dogs


Tansy is now our senior-ranking dog here at Cactus Flats. A golden retriever mix, she was Hanna's puppy when we started dating in 2005. Her main duties nowadays are guarding the house against chipmunk invasion, keeping a watchful eye on the neighbor horses, and being a reluctant self-propelled toy for the younger dachshunds. Click here for Tansy's page.


Maus is the first of our new miniature dachshund puppies. She was born in July 2012. She is named after the German Panzer VIII, because obviously she looks like a super-heavy tank. With very short legs. We still think of Maus and Puma as puppies even though they're now almost four years old. Click here for Maus' page.


Puma is the second of our new miniature dachshund puppies, and the youngest member of our family. She was born in August 2012. She is named after the SonderKraftfahrzeug 234/2, because she, er, looks like an eight-wheeled armoured reconnaissance vehicle. Well, not really. But it's a good name for her anyway. Click here for Puma's page.

But wait, there's more!
Due to popular demand, here are new sections featuring more photos of our current dogs as well as pets we've known and loved in the past. Bark on!

The Dogs

Hanna and I have had dogs since we've been married and I had dogs for tens years prior to that. Here's a complete rundown of the guilty parties. The main Dogs page includes all the pooches, and there's now a page for each dog. Here's the complete list:
Old Friends: The Dogs

Dogs who live together for a long time become Old Friends, making for some great photographs. After much pruning, I ended up with three pages of them:
The Cats

After I added all that stuff for the dogs it seemed only right that I add a page for the cats too.
Click here for the Cats page.

Dogs and Cats Together

Dogs and cats together? Say it isn't so! What's this world coming to?
Click here for the Cats and Dogs Together page.

Old Friends: The Cats

Cats who live together become Old Friends too. The photos are older and not as clear, but they're still Old Friends.
Old Friends: The Cats

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