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Miscellaneous Game Stuff

I've been designing games since 1982. I ran a small game company called ArmourSoft Inc. from 1991 to 1998. The projects on this page include some game designs from my pre-ArmourSoft Inc. days, some that I worked on during my tenure at ArmourSoft, and some I've tinkered with since then.

These are all free downloads, provided on an "as is" basis, with no promises of support, functionality, accuracy, playability, completeness, or usefulness. Some have documentation, some don't, several are in various stages of nonfinishedness. Some of these projects I'll likely finish in the next few years, others I'll probably never finish, so do with them what you will. There are many other projects that aren't even as far along as these, but I haven't the heart to dig them out and inflict them upon the world.

Of all my game designs over the last 25 years, I'm most proud of this one. Known variously as Slarge!, Slargeball, Slargeball 3D: Men in Shorts, and Gludgeball, the game has appeared in miniatures and boardgame form in multitudinous versions since 1990. This particular version is designed for 2 to 10 players and can be wrapped up in about two hours.
There are two links here for the rules, one with pictures and one without. There are a lot of pictures and they're pretty big, so if you want to print out copies and you want to save time, paper, and ink, I suggest using the "no pictures" version for that.

  • Referee Utility Bundle: Three utilities in one 1987-vintage program: character generator for SPI's Commando, character generator for GDW's Traveller (classic version), and world/sector generator for Traveller. 46K zipped archive includes program, source code, and brief documentation.
  • Napoleon at Chattanooga: Boardgame of Napoleon's famous campaign in the Tennessee Valley, conquest of the Solar System, and an armoured regiment named Bob. Some assembly required. My most successful boardgame design. 420K zipped archive includes maps, counters (must be glued to cardstock and cut out), charts, rulebook, and errata.

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