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Naval Games

I've been designing games since 1982. I ran a small game company called ArmourSoft Inc. from 1991 to 1998. The projects on this page include some game designs from my pre-ArmourSoft Inc. days, some that I worked on during my tenure at ArmourSoft, and some I've tinkered with since then.

These are all free downloads, provided on an "as is" basis, with no promises of support, functionality, accuracy, playability, completeness, or usefulness. Some have documentation, some don't, several are in various stages of nonfinishedness. Some of these projects I'll likely finish in the next few years, others I'll probably never finish, so do with them what you will. There are many other projects that aren't even as far along as these, but I haven't the heart to dig them out and inflict them upon the world.

Naval Gaming Photo Gallery
Terry Manton's naval art

  • American Civil War ship data spreadsheet: Compilation of ACW ship lists from Conway's, Ospreys, and the games Ironclads (Yaquinto), Smoke on the Water (Canis), and Stars Tars and Bars (Benjamin King). Over 500 ships listed. 144K MS Excel spreadsheet.
  • Age of Sail Master Ship List and
  • Age of Sail Scenario List: Compilation of "Age of Sail" era (Napoleonic wars, American War of Independence, and War of 1812) ship lists from scenarios in the games Wooden Ships and Iron Men (Avalon Hill), Frigate (SPI), Fighting Sail (SPI), Close Action (CoA), Beat to Quarters (Command Perspective), and Man o' War (SimCan), plus the battles of Trafalgar, Navarino, Copenhagen, and Cape St. Vincent compiled from various web sites. Ships are listed by number of guns and cross-indexed according to the types of ships available in Hallmark/Figurehead's series of 1:2400 scale miniatures. Over 750 ships listed. The master ship list spreadsheet is 181K, the scenario lists spreadsheet is 580K. MS Excel spreadsheets.
  • Fire When Ready: My first computer-assist naval wargame project to reach the playable stage. Based closely on Metagaming's old micro boardgame of the same title. Covers the pre-Dreadnought period (about 1880 through 1906). 68K zipped archive with program, source code, scenarios, and brief documentation.
  • Shipbase I (also known as Seabase I due to a misprint in a review of Shipbase III in a British wargaming magazine): My second shot at computer-assist naval wargame rules, this one based closely on Seapower II/III. Covers WWI through WWII. 217K zipped archive with program, source code, scenarios, ship data, and brief documentation.
  • SB1 Ship Data Spreadsheet: All the ship data (740 ship classes) from Shipbase I converted to MS Excel format.
  • Shipbase II: My third computer-assist naval project, this one based on TFG's Battlewagon boardgame. Covers WWI through WWII. 163K zipped archive with program, source code, scenarios, ship data, and brief documentation.
  • Additional scenarios for Shipbase III: Twenty or so new scenarios for SB3. Make a backup copy your existing sb3scen.lst file and stash it somewhere safe, then copy all the files from this zipped archive into your SB3 folder. If you've created and saved your own SB3 scenarios, you'll have to edit the sb3scen.lst file in this zipped archive to include your existing scenarios as well as the new ones in this archive. Send me an e-mail or ask on the IrvaniaList discussion group if you need technical help with this.
  • Ship sheets for the Yalu 1894 scenario for Shipbase III: This archive contains nine Microsoft Word documents with ship data sheets and diagrams for the Japanese and Chinese ships at the battle of Yalu in 1894. The scenario files are included in the Additional scenarios for SB3 pack listed above. As is usual for SB3, paper ship sheets aren't necessary for playing the game, but they add a nice touch and the players enjoyed the stylized overhead ship diagrams.
  • Shipbase IV: Originally thrown together in a couple of months in mid-1993 but intended to eventually cover naval combat from antiquity through to about 1895, where SB3 picks up. This is version 1.2. Several bugs fixed, nations added, scenario utility and ship database utility added. Scenarios for Lissa 1866 and Yalu 1894 are included. Still includes the original SB4 testbed gunnery system, based somewhat on TCS's Age of Iron, which was intended to be completely replaced in the next version, which I never got around to. 165K zipped archive with programs, source code, ship and scenario files, scenario editor, ship database editor, still no docs.
  • The Shipbase 5 Anti-Aircraft Factor Calculator: this stand-alone utility can be used to calculate AA factors for Shipbase III, Shipbase 5, D-CATR Naval, and Shipbase 7. This calculator is built into the D-CATR Naval and Shipbase 7 programs.
  • Shove Off, Gridley!: This project (a non-computer-assist pre-Dreadnought era (1880-1900) naval miniatures game) did very well in early playtesting but I haven't been able to work on it in a couple of years. This project is on the backburner until I can get a chance to write the rulebook. The intent is to have just about everything the player needs to know on one side of one sheet of paper. Each player controls one or two ships, as opposed to all my other naval games in which each player can control large fleets of 50 ships or more.
  • D-CATR Naval: This project (computer-assist naval rules covering 1860-1945, the latest version of the Shipbase series) has been rolled into the Shipbase 7 project. More info on SB7 later in 2013.
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