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Science Fiction Games

I've been designing games since 1982. I ran a small game company called ArmourSoft Inc. from 1991 to 1998. The projects on this page include some game designs from my pre-ArmourSoft Inc. days, some that I worked on during my tenure at ArmourSoft, and some I've tinkered with since then.

These are all free downloads, provided on an "as is" basis, with no promises of support, functionality, accuracy, playability, completeness, or usefulness. Some have documentation, some don't, several are in various stages of nonfinishedness. Some of these projects I'll likely finish in the next few years, others I'll probably never finish, so do with them what you will. There are many other projects that aren't even as far along as these, but I haven't the heart to dig them out and inflict them upon the world.

Science Fiction Gaming Photo Gallery
Terry Manton's science fiction art

  • Space Dust: Simple one-page spaceship miniature rules for fast, large fleet actions. This is a variant of the original Space Dust rules created by Bill Patterson and myself in 1982. Flashbacks of hundreds of tiny spaceship miniatures scattered across the barracks room floor. 5K zip of MS Word document.
  • Referee Utility Bundle: Three utilities in one 1987-vintage program: character generator for SPI's Commando, character generator for GDW's Traveller (classic version), and world/sector generator for Traveller. 46K zipped archive includes program, source code, and brief documentation.
  • SFB-BUCCE: The Bloomsburg University Chess Club Edition (BUCCE) of TFG's SFB first boxed edition, programmed in 1990. 118K zipped archive includes program, source code, ship data, and documentation.
  • Techbase: Computer-assist version of FASA's Battletech second edition, programmed in 1990. 138K zipped archive includes program, source code, mech data, and brief documentation.
  • Napoleon at Chattanooga: Boardgame of Napoleon's famous campaign in the Tennessee Valley, conquest of the Solar System, and an armoured regiment named Bob. Some assembly required. My most successful boardgame design. 420K zipped archive includes maps, counters (must be glued to cardstock and cut out), charts, rulebook, and errata.
  • Generic Legions (Computer Assisted Version): The very first incarnation of Generic Legions, and the last version of GL to be computer-assisted. 206K zipped archive includes program, source code, scenario and unit data files. I never did get around to writing documentation for this one.
  • Generic Legions (Big Battle Version): The most playable of the first-generation Generic Legions games, circa 1998. Surface science fiction combat. 832K zipped archive includes rules, charts, outline, background on the GL universe (superceded entirely in the novels!), and the infamous scenario pack Go Tell the Dweasels.
  • Death Before Distemper: Platoon-level component of Generic Legions 2.0, used for campaign games. Good for large battles with up to a couple of battalions on a side. We used these rules with reasonably good success in a campaign in 2002 (Bad Days versus D'Orques). 108K zipped archive includes rules sections and sample battalions for DRS Earthies and Squishies.
  • Fallen Empires, Fallen Pants: First shot at a strategic campaign system set in the Generic Legions universe. Inspired by the sector generator program I wrote for Traveller back in 1987 (see the Referee Utility Bundle listed elsewhere on this page). The program, mostly written while I was watching an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, generates a game "galaxy" based on user-settable size parameters and allows you to print out a hardcopy of the galaxy map. The program is used only to generate the strategic map before the game. Crude but effective. 289K zipped archive includes program, source code, and several sample galaxies.
  • Sample player handout from the beginning of the first campaign game of Fallen Empires, Fallen Pants.
  • Map of the planet Pewty from the first campaign game of Fallen Empires, Fallen Pants.
  • Red Chicken Rising: Spaceship combat rules for miniatures, set in the Generic Legions universe. To my knowledge still the only science fiction wargame rulebook that opens with a shower scene. The short story interspersed in the rulebook introduces Agrippa and Emily, and is the very first appearance of the Monstrous Jake. A revised version of this backstory, told from a different viewpoint, appears in Chapter 17 of the first GL novel, They Who Are Having A Bad Day. 1029K zipped archive inclues rules, data for 83 ship types, ship record sheets, turn gauges, FAQ, and ship design spreadsheet.
  • Dreadmuch: First draft of the tactical-level component of Generic Legions 2.0, emphasizing combat between supertanks. Based very closely on the Red Chicken Rising concepts. Never got a chance to playtest this one, but I think it would have been pretty good. 118K zipped archive includes record sheets and unit data charts for the DRS Earthies, D'Orques, Bad Days, and Squishies. No rules, but if you know RCR you should be able to figure it out.

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