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Tank Games

I've been designing games since 1982. I ran a small game company called ArmourSoft Inc. from 1991 to 1998. The projects on this page include some game designs from my pre-ArmourSoft Inc. days, some that I worked on during my tenure at ArmourSoft, and some I've tinkered with since then.

These are all free downloads, provided on an "as is" basis, with no promises of support, functionality, accuracy, playability, completeness, or usefulness. Some have documentation, some don't, several are in various stages of nonfinishedness. Some of these projects I'll likely finish in the next few years, others I'll probably never finish, so do with them what you will. There are many other projects that aren't even as far along as these, but I haven't the heart to dig them out and inflict them upon the world.

Tank Game Photo Gallery

  • Treads & Turrets: My first computer-assist wargame design, started in 1982. This version is from around 1984. Based closely on the old Tractics rules. 133K, zipped archive of program, source code, and lots of documentation.
  • Tankbase 1990: This started out as an update and major revision of Treads & Turrets, and was originally going to be our "flagship" product at ArmourSoft Inc. (We switched gears early on and focused on Shipbase III on the belief that we could bring that to market sooner and it might sell better than a tank program. Who knows?) Slightly less ancient user interface than Treads & Turrets, more tanks, most of the original T&T rules replaced with new game mechanics. The tank stuff mostly works but the infantry, artillery, and air sections are barely started. This is what I was working on when I got called up for Desert Storm in 1990. 185K, zipped archive of program, source code, and data files. No scenarios or documentation.
  • Tankbase 1994: This is the version of Tankbase we ran at Historicon in July 1994. Due to problems with the main project, this version was thrown together from scratch in two weeks in order to meet the deadline for the convention. It's hard-wired for this specific scenario and falls into the "it's a miracle this thing even works" category. 156K zipped archive of program, source code, data and scenario files. No docs.
  • Panzer III: One of my experiments with manual (non-computer-assist) WWII tank rules. Includes charts and partially-completed rulebook. The tank-to-tank combat worked pretty well for early WWII, but the infantry part of the game didn't work so well. 398K, zipped archive of MS Word files.
  • The Book of Tanks is a research project in PDF form, not a game, but it sorta belongs on this list.
  • Panzer IV Ausf A: this project (a DOS-based computer-assist WWII tank game) has been rolled into a new project. More info if it ever gets close to the light of day.
  • Obligatory Links Page with lots of tank-related links

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