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Update: Dave's Writing Projects

Here's the status of my various writing projects as of this posting (May 2016):

The Jake and Voltoon stories

Late in 2014 I hammered out the first couple of chapters of the first Jake & Voltoon novel, Project Plutarch (previous working title: Stories Scratched Into the Side of a Battlecruiser) and sent it off to some test-readers. The test-readers liked it and are looking forward to seeing what happens next, so of course I've barely touched the project since then.

Regardless of how much I get done on the Plutarch novel, I'm using the same storyline as the basis of the new Irvania web comic, part of the first panel of which is already gracing the main page of Irvania.com. So at least some vestiges of the Plutarch novel will see the light of day.

Back in the mid-2000's when I was working on my first (still unpublished) novel, They Who Are Having a Bad Day, I realized a lot of the material I was coming up with was better suited to a graphic novel format, or (gasp!) even better, a web comic, so I will be digging back into the old Bad Day manuscript for storylines and bits and pieces for the new Irvania web comic. In all likelihood the storylines and scenes will be interwoven in a complex web of incomprehensible weirdness. You know me, always trying to recycle old material.

Pretty much all the other projects have been put aside in order to focus on the new web comic. Did I mention I started working on a new web comic? I'm a little excited about that.

Oh, one last thing. The accreditation was on an earlier version of this page but apparently got lost in the shuffle somewhere along the line. The sci fi tank picture above was drawn by a friend of mine, the late Terry Manton. The larger painting it's from was based on the opening of They Who Are Having a Bad Day.

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