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Dave and Zapnik

Publication (and Broadcast) History

This is the closest thing I can come up with for a comprehensive list of all the various things I've worked on over the years. This is based on what I've still got in my archives, which is by no means complete or in any way organized. This list does not include any of my online material, most of which appears here, or any of my freeware game designs, most of which appear here.

1974 A production company called the North Star Playhouse on the Air produced and broadcast two of my scripts, Kung Fool and The Case of the Missing Case, on WNMR FM radio sometime in late 1974. My only excuse is that I was 14 years old at the time. I still have a recording of one of the broadcasts but the tape quality is so bad it's nearly unlistenable.
1983 A small (very small) scale plastic modelling/humor newsletter called Trash News ran a couple of my pieces. Fortunately, almost no one saw them. One of these is posted here.
1986-1988 Op-ed columnist for the Bloomsburg University student paper, The Voice. My byline was "Staff Troublemaker". Some of these articles are now available online here.
1992 Chart Wars/Space Waste, published by DIPCo. My first commercially published game design. I've seen copies show up at game convention flea markets.
1993 Shipbase III, published by ArmourSoft Inc. My big claim to fame, such as it is, in game design.
1993 The Book of Ships, the ship data companion book for Shipbase III. It wasn't a big success but I'm still proud of the accomplishment.
1993 Slargeball, published by DIPCo. Of the 25 or 30 games I've designed over the years, I still think this is my best design. The latest miniatures version is online here.
1992-1994 I had articles in Historical Gamer Magazine issues 11, 15, 16, 17, and 25.
1995-2003 I did a fair amount of technical writing while working for a large telecommunications company, mostly documenting computer software, hardware, systems architecture, and process work. If ever confronted with any of those dismally dull manuals, I will deny ever having any knowledge of them.

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