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Writing Stuff

Dave's Various Writing Projects

Here's a quick roadmap of the various writing-related items sprinkled throughout the Irvania.com website:

  • The Blog, with some writing-related entries, short fiction bits, and other ditherings
  • The Big Fiction Projects: the Jake and Voltoon stories, the Tales of the Hamster collection of short stories, They Who Are Having A Bad Day
  • Dave's Publishing Creds: a mostly-complete listing of Dave's publishing and broadcast history
  • The Bad Day Archive: snippets from the first novel and short bits featuring some of the characters from the novels
    • Excerpts from the novel They Who Are Having A Bad Day:
      • Voltoon Walks Through Town from Chapter 2
      • Benster Aconoyde's Last Guard Duty from Chapter 3
      • The Deity Convention from Chapter 22
    • Other short bits featuring characters from the novels:
      • I Daresay, the first appearance of Jake, Agrippa, and Emily
      • Grappling Hook, Jake has some explaining to do
  • Miscellany:
    • Bad Poetry by Eggar Allen Poo
    • DIPCo games that were never published, the DIPCo accounting scandal, All About ArmourSoft, and other insider information
    • Irvania.com error messages
    • Memories of Nam, Rice Puddin' Posse, and other Irvania.com staples
  • The Book of Tanks:
    • A wargamer's portable guide to tanks, self-propelled guns, armoured cars, and personnel carriers from World War I through the 1990's
  • Radio Free Irvania:
    • audio recordings of Irvania's poet laureate, Eggar Allen Poo
  • Die Haus Orgel:
    • all eight issues of the official ArmourSoft newsletter
  • The Voice articles:
    • selections from my series of humor op/ed articles published in the Bloomsburg University student newspaper, 1986-1988
  • College papers:
    • A small assortment of some of my, er, more interesting essays for various college classes
  • The Irvania collection:
    • The Encyclopedia Irvania
    • The Irvanian Technical Manual and Military Yearbook
    • Kit review: the Pu-19 Flying Hamster
    • The Irvania comic strip from 1985

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Last updated: June 9, 2016